Keeping Venues Safe

With the horrific events in Manchester, event organisers will be looking for every tactic to keep their visitors and staff safe and their venue secure from attack.

Civilian Super Recognisers offer a new method of spotting suspicious individuals and quickly reporting them to security teams and law enforcement.

26th May 2017

They could also be used at airports to check passports, when the e-passport gate has refused access. The Super Recognisers at concerts, sporting venues and other large scale events could be shown images of those suspected of terrorism, together with prolific thieves or child abusers. They could then scour the crowds and report sightings of such individuals to the police and security officers.

We are still learning about Super Recognisers and their skills, but these have already shown to be very successful in the fight against crime in London. In London, they were used proactively to spot sex offenders, gang members and persistent thieves on the street - for example at concerts and the Notting Hill Carnival. If crimes had been committed and captured on CCTV, they were used at Scotland Yard to link images of the same suspects in different crimes - ensuring that criminals faced justice for all the offences they had committed. AND ensuring that they received longer jail sentences.

Neville Forensic Recognition Ltd provides a strategic service for law enforcement agencies, who want to set up units. NFR Ltd also works in close partnership with Super Recogniser International Ltd to provide operational Super Recognisers for use at events.

  Super Recogniser International are recruiting now, clic/tap here to visit their website