Business CCTV

Improving the use of your system

CCTV Facts

According to IHS, there are 245 million CCTV cameras operational in the world – the vast majority installed in business premises. Too often, however, when a crime is captured on camera, the footage either cannot be downloaded or the police fail to utilise effectively. In 2016, it was found that of all the crimes reported in London, only 2% of offences had a CCTV image recovered to show a suspect – in a city with over one million cameras. Even when the crime involved burglary in a commercial premises, this increased to just 6% - albeit a quarter of all such crimes were solved using CCTV – showing that it can be effective: The Standard - Met Police 'fail to solve crimes because of ignorance about CCTV footage' …to a violent, knife wielding robber, who targeted lone women shop assistants: Sky News - How Police 'Super Recognisers' Hunt Criminals

Inspection of footage

– Neville Forensic Recognition Ltd can inspect your CCTV and give clear advice given on:

  • The type of footage required by the police to prosecute those who offend on your business premises
  • Ability of your staff to download and provide the right images and evidence
  • The most effective use of your images to prevent your business suffering from further offences
  • Getting the police to use your images effectively
  • Compliance with legislation & Codes of Practice
  • Working in partnership with other local companies to prevent crime using your CCTV
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