Volunteer Super Recognisers

As a volunteer Lieutenant Colonel in a national role with the Army Cadet Force, Mick well knows the value that volunteers can bring to organisation - not only in time saved for full time staff, but also a work ethos and the opportunity to involve the community.

Volunteering in Policing

Mick was in charge of an award-winning Volunteer Unit at New Scotland Yard, which saved the Metropolitan Police £millions in operational detective time.  These volunteers were trained to view and produce CCTV evidence for all manner of cases – from shoplifting to murder. Metropolitan Police volunteers - scoop national award for CCTV analysis

Robert Stephenson Volunteer of the year 2014
Robert Stevenson receiving the Metropolitan Police Commissioner's Volunteer of the Year Award 2014

Mick can aid police forces by advising on:

  • Recruiting & training volunteers
  • Making existing volunteers more effective
  • Integrating volunteers with full-time staff
  • Using volunteers to save vast amounts of operational time - allowing detectives to focus on arrests & other enquiries


“Mick Neville leaves footprints everywhere he goes, footprints that represent a hugely positive impression that he gives to people. Motivational. Inspirational. A passionate and infectious belief in what is right”Robert Stevenson
Metropolitan Police Commissioner's Volunteer of the Year 2014

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