Private Investigations

Our team includes retired detectives from New Scotland Yard, founder members of the Metropolitan Police Super Recogniser Unit and officers from around the globe.

Private Investigations

These operatives have a worldwide experience of investigating crime and finding missing or wanted persons, from riots in London, organised crime across the UK, sex attacks in Germany and murder and armed robbery in Australia.

In addition to investigative skills, our experts are also members of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, facial comparison officers, CCTV downloading and viewing technicians and professional photographers. These operatives can be deployed in overt or covert roles, as decided with clients. We can particularly assist if CCTV or other images or footage (or any type) form part of the enquiry. The team of Super Recogniser investigators can provide image comparison reports and evidential statements, as required in any jurisdiction across the world.

Our experience and knowledge enables us to investigate all manner of crimes and incidents, including domestic matters and media research. This includes cold case enquiries, where images maybe many years old – Super Recognisers are particularly good at identifying people from images taken long ago, even if their appearance has changed considerably.

All investigations will be conducted and managed in a sensitive and confidential manner. Our investigators have been trained in privacy laws, data protection and GDPR. Our clients receive regular updates on their case.

Neville Forensic Recognition Ltd, in partnership with Super Recognisers International Ltd, are able to work with law enforcement agencies, prosecution or defence counsel, solicitors, military units, border forces, security teams, private investigators and reporters – indeed anyone needing our expert help. We can provide the key evidence or lead, which can crack your case.

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