Super Recognisers at the Notting Hill Carnival

Once again the Met Police are rightfully using their crack team of Super Recognisers to make the Notting Hill Carnival safer.

These officers will be deployed to view the extensive CCTV system covering the West London area or be out on mobile or foot patrol.

25th August 2017

Whichever way they are utilised, the Super Recognisers will be spotting gang members, drug dealers, thieves and trouble-makers - so that arrest teams can move in and remove them from the area. Time and time again, Super Recognisers have proved their worth, whether watching live time CCTV images, patrolling busy streets or reviewing footage post-event to solve crime and identify offenders - even from poor quality images (such is the ability of the brain). Indeed, they are far more effective than computer facial recognition systems, which invariably need on front on, high quality images, which are produced in excellent lighting - not side on glances of faces, in a busy street as twilight sets in.

Mike Neville in ChinaAs an aside, I recently had the privilege of advising the Chinese Institute of Forensic Science and Chinese Academy of Science, both in Beijing, on the use of Super Recognisers - so their use continues to recognised internationally. Not just for law enforcement - but for border control and anti-terrorism as well. I did manage to visit that ultimate example of a major security project - the Great Wall of China (now protected by CCTV!).

Thanks to our partner company Super Recognisers International Ltd, trained and tested SIA registered Super Recognisers are available to the private sector - to work at concerts, sporting venues, shopping malls and, in fact, in any place where their unique skills can add significantly to keeping your venue safer. Partnership with Super Recogniser International Ltd to provide operational Super Recognisers for use at events.

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