Madeleine McCann -
missing for ten years

This case demonstrates the need for the police and law enforcement agencies to update their use of images to solve crime.

Can Super Recognisers help?

2nd May 2017

No consideration seems to have been made to the fact that photographs of the missing girl could be appearing on social media - right now. If Maddie was kidnapped and sold to a family, she would be 14 years old and very likely to be putting images on Facebook.

Madeline Mccann Her new "family" may have been unable to resist placing photos on social media or may have applied for a passport. With Madeleine's distinctive line on the iris of her right eye, pattern recognition technology or human Super Recognisers may be able to spot her. If she had suffered the terrible fate of being kidnapped by sex offenders, images may also be held on the paedophile databases of victims held by Interpol and national police forces.

At Neville Forensic Recognition, we see the use of images in a different way - that is how we can help all users of CCTV to achieve more.