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Neville Forensic Recognition Ltd is headed by Mick Neville – the world expert in ‘catching criminals caught on camera’


“I doubt there is another detective in the UK who has been responsible for the detection of so many criminals. The approach he took to gathering and treating CCTV evidence in the systematic way employed for fingerprints and DNA was and remains groundbreaking. The development by him of "Super Recognisers" took this process to another level.  Politicians, Police forces nation and Worldwide could learn from him. Those in the Corporate World will see an uplift in their bottom line if they invest time in listening to how he can help improve profits.”Kevin Hurley
Metropolitan Police Commander and Surrey Police & Crime Commissioner (retired)

About Us

NFRL can make your organisation far more effective in using images from CCTV and all manner of other sources (e.g the media and mobile phones).

As a Detective Chief Inspector at New Scotland Yard, he was the founder and head of the Metropolitan Police Central Forensic Image Team and Super Recogniser Unit. His new “end to end” system – ensuring images were used effectively from camera capture to trial in court - resulted in thousands of additional crimes being detected, with prolific and violent offenders being brought to justice.

He worked in partnership with government agencies, including the Surveillance Camera Commissioner and Information Commissioner, as well businesses and private organisations such as Facewatch, CCTV User Group and Control Managers’ Group.

Further Information

If you require further information on the selection, training and deployment of Super Recognisers.  Super Recognisers International  Association of Super Recognisers


 The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences  CSFS Membership - Professional Endorsement

Having helped to solve crime in numerous countries outside the United Kingdom and advising police forces and agencies from across the world, Mick is well aware of the cultural and legal differences regarding the use of surveillance and CCTV. The advice from Neville Forensic Recognition Ltd will take each country’s needs into account.

Mick can advise police forces, law enforcement agencies, cities, CCTV control rooms, businesses, security organisations, CCTV manufacturers and installers and software designers on the best use of CCTV and super recognisers to prevent AND detect crime. He frequently speaks at conferences on CCTV and surveillance – often obtaining top feedback.